Friday, September 26, 2014

French Baking Class in Paris

Don't you just love croissants? I do, and now I can make them...thanks to COOK'N WITH CLASS in Paris, France! I took their hands-on Baking Class and learned how to make croissants, pain au chocolat and a few other pastries.

Croissants take about two days to complete, so we made the dough and put it in the refrigerator for the next class, and used the dough the last class made.

It was very interesting making the dough with so many layers of rich creamy butter. There were only five people in the class, so we were all involved in the entire process.

When we were finished baking, we had a feast of warm, flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness! 

We each went home with a bag of pastries, and by the time Marc and I returned to our apartment, our instructor, Emanuelle, had emailed us the recipes, written instructions and a video showing each step of the process.

If you like to bake, and Paris is calling your name, I encourage you to check out this school. I can't wait to take more of their classes! 

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  1. Dang it Lisa, I still haven't had one of these!!! I would like the recipe please. And a few choco logs! MMMMM.