Thursday, October 9, 2014

My New Vacation Tech Gadget

I’m always looking for a better way to store pictures, journal about my day, blog, and surf the internet while on vacation. I use to drag along a Sony VAIO laptop, but it was heavy. Next I went to a Netbook, but the functionality was very limited. Then the iPad was introduced and I was in love. My newest tech gadget is the Apple iPad mini with Retina display.

Here are the things I love about my iPad mini…
1.     It has a 7.9 inch screen, which is large enough for my eyes to see without my reading glasses.
2.     The battery lasts for about 10 hours, which is GREAT for long flights.
3.     I can download books to read on those long flights, and the size is very comfortable to hold for a long time while reading.
4.     It takes pictures and movies, so I don’t have to drag around a camera. If I choose to take pictures with my camera, I can transfer them to my iPad to view in a decent size.
5.     There are all kind of apps, so I can play games, use maps, check the weather, play my music, get currency conversions, etc. Everything I might need to do on vacation is at my fingertips.
6.      I can journal my days, so I remember the details of my vacation.
7.      With the internet connection I can post to Facebook and my blog.
8.      I can buy advance tickets to museums, so I can skip the long lines.
I can do all these things AND it only weighs .75 pounds…and IT FITS IN MY PURSE!
What’s your favorite vacation tech gadget?

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