Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sasso Marconi Tartufesta (Part One)

My first weekend in Bologna I went to the Tartufesta in Sasso Marconi. The Tartufesta is an annual event that focuses on the white truffle of the Bologna hills. It was the main reason I chose to go back to Bologna in October.
Getting to Sasso Marconi was easy…just a 30 minute train ride into the Apennine mountains outside Bologna, at a cost of 4,30 euro round trip.  I had a pleasant five minute walk to reach the Tartufesta in the center of town. It seemed like everyone in town was involved with the festa and they were all so very happy to see me…such a warm welcome.
Everywhere I went someone was trying to feed me. I sampled cookies, candy, olives, olive oil, various meat products, cheeses, wine, chestnuts, bread, mushrooms, spices, honey, truffle oil, truffle salt, truffle salsa…on and on and on.  There were also places to eat various meals made with fresh truffles…heaven on a plate!
There was something for everyone, including crafts, flea market items and rides for the kiddies.


Stay tuned for more about the Sasso Marconi Tartufesta.

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