Friday, March 15, 2013

Have Luggage Will Travel

I love to travel! The more opportunities I get to travel, the more I dislike dragging around luggage. I used to travel with a large wheeled suitcase, carry-on and purse. It was very cumbersome, but I thought I needed to pack everything but the kitchen sink.
Next came the wheeled carry-on, so I traveled with a large wheeled suitcase, wheeled carry-on and a purse. This was a bit easier to maneuver, but I was still packing a lot of stuff.
Then disaster struck. My luggage was lost in Paris, France while my plane went on to Pisa, Italy. I had NO luggage for several days.
On my next trip I decided I wasn't going to give the airline a chance to lose my luggage, so I bought a large backpack. I was forced to re-evaluate how much I was going to pack. What did I really need? It turns out I don't need a different pair of pants for every day. I also don't need a blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron, among other things. That was very liberating! Who knew? I spent almost 3 weeks in Europe with just a backpack. I had an apartment with a washing maching in one of the places I visited, so I was able to wash my clothes. By the time I was ready to come home I had purchased much more than I could pack in the backpack, so I purchased a cheap piece of luggage for about 25 euro. I packed all my dirty clothes in the luggage and checked it. Since I was on an international flight it was my one free piece of checked luggage. Then I packed all the nice things I had purchased in my backpack, so I'd be sure nothing would get broken. It was much cheaper than shipping my purchases home and they got home at the same time I did. I also have a cheap piece of luggage that I can give away to someone that may need it.
This time I'm going to try something new. I purchased this piece from the Coach store.
My next trip is in May, when I'll be spending two weeks in Paris. Since I'll be renting an apartment with a washing machine, I should be able to bring a minimal amount of clothing. I'll try to pack smart and only carry this piece and a purse. Can it be done? Sure it can, because I'm on a mission. Will I like it? I don't know. What do you think? Do you pack light?

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