Monday, March 25, 2013

How About a Midnight Dessert Buffet?

     My good friend, Tracy, is preparing to go on her first Caribbean cruise. This got me to thinking about cruising. One of the things I really enjoy is the midnight dessert buffet. One day during the cruise you’ll hear the buzz all around the ship about the buffet. The only catch is you have to be able to stay awake till midnight, which sometimes is hard to do.

     At midnight, everyone is allowed to view and take pictures of the food. There are tables full of every kind dessert you can imagine and they are like tasty pieces of art. After the viewing, everyone gets to eat.

Don’t they look AMAZING?



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  1. Oh my...this does look delicious!! Hi Lisa,
    I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment and for reading my blog. Women like you keep me going!! Thanks so much. I also saw your grandbaby grandson is just one month is such a joy. I am happy to finally enter this exclusive club!! Thanks again!