Sunday, March 31, 2013

Markets of Paris

     I enjoy visiting the markets in Europe, because they allow me to meet the people as they go about their daily lives. Since Paris has so many markets, I figured I'd better have to have a plan for my upcoming trip.  
     I recently purchased the book Markets of Paris Second Edition, by Dixon Long & Marjorie R. Williams. It's 300 pages of every kind of market you could imagine. There are markets for food, antiques, crafts, books, fabric, name it, it's there.
     This book is organized by arrondissement. Each listing shows the market type, name, Metro stop, date/times, as well as a brief description of the market. There are many pictures throughout the book to entice you.
     Included is a section of restaurants, as well as helpful books, blogs and websites. In addition, there are two maps with the markets plotted, to give you a good visual idea where they are located. The copyright date is 2012, and the size of the book is only 4 x 6, so it's current and small enough to pack. 

     I'll be taking this book to Paris. I'm sure I'll be checking out the museums, but the markets are where I'll really learn about the local culture. I'm so excited!
     When you travel, how do you learn about the local culture?

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